Have a Gift Certificate?

We’re not offering massage due to COVID. If you have a gift certificate email karyn@balancechampaign.com to inquire about redemption options. Please include the Gift Certificate Number in your email.

Custom virtual stress relief sessions that consist of breathwork, mindfulness, and guided relaxation are available, email karyn@balancechampaign.com to schedule.

Your to-do list is never ending.

There’s never enough time.

We live in a busy world where it seems like someone or something is always demanding your attention.

We dream about what our lives will be like on that magical day in the future when we’re not so damn busy. What if your life could actually be like that now and you didn’t have to wait for all the stars to align?

I’m Karyn Claflin and I’m a Master Certified BodyMind Coach with a background in massage, meditation, and yoga. Using a custom blend of coaching, massage therapy, and movement & wellness education, I help busy folks who are tired from always taking care of others (at work and home) and feeling weighed down by their stress to create balance between doing the things they love and getting done all-the-things they need to do.